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Hello. You've arrived. Below is a list of games to download. They are in .zip format, so you'll need WinZip or some other utility to de-compress them.

Need WinZip? Go here to download it. Download the evaluation version; I've got a password to register it. E-mail me when you can...

OK, the games...
Final Fantasy IV 692K (japanese version, but translated into English)
Final Fantasy V 1555K (never released in US on SNES, but translated into English here)
Final Fantasy VI 2187K (I believe this is the American version, as it says Final Fantasy III on the title screen)
Chrono Trigger 3010K (best RPG on Super Nintendo)
Dragon Ball Z 2 1316K (not translated from Japanese)
Breath of Fire I 1058K (The original Capcom RPG. Actually co-developed with Square.)
Breath of Fire II 1718K (Sequel to above; still not as good as BoF III on PSX)

You may need this program to run the games, unless you've already got another program.

Also, here is a weird program and an even weirder game...

If you need help with any of these games, I can e-mail me you FAQs. Also, if the games don't work, ask me at the arcade or e-mail me me.