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I'm not the only person I know who has a home page out there. Try these four for starters.

Yoshi! Mochiyum's home page is......well, it's animated, that's for sure. Check it out...but only if you have a relatively fast connection (i.e., 28.8 at least).
BOOOWWWF! Angelyn's home page is pretty cool. Lots of pictures of her clique. And she's always logged on to AOL. E-mail her when you get to her page; she'll respond within 5 minutes.

Adamu-kan Adamu-kan is another home page out there which, like mine, is still a project. Mac junkies, this is the place for you.
Mac haters...e-mail him your opinion; a prompt response is guaranteed.
Shemp!?! The New World Acquired Shemp...'nuff said. Check it out.
Warning: This site is weird, to say the least. As if the name wasn't a tip-off...
Enter her world. MyMy says to visit her page. Check the MIDIs there, too. That's how I found her site.