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You play mahjong?

You play Tontie?
Mayene is no good. Cynan is the best...
the best score EVER.

I am the wanner.

games to buy
devil may cry 3: special edition (ps2)
okami (wii)
viewtiful joe 2 (gc only)
eternal darkness
boom blox (wii) mgs 4 (ps3)

music cds to buy/download
notorious BIG and Pudgee the fat bastard, Think Big (single)
crystal waters
2 unlimited (oh snap, go 90s)

movies to buy/download
a beautiful mind
man on the moon, truman show
Death to Smoochy
My name is nobody
Boys from brazil
wong foo
little big man

books to buy
buddha, osamu tezuka (all 8 volumes)
the lone wolf books from mongoose publishing