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Welcome to my home page. Have fun going through my page, since this page is nothing more than a creative expression of myself: my interests, my personality, whatever...

What crap. This page was created because I have nothing better to do.

However, even if this page is just a "creative expression of myself", I would greatly appreciate it if you had any comments, positive, negative, or otherwise, concerning my web site. Please e-mail me at my AOL e-mail account to send me any feedback on my site.

Have fun exploring my links.

One of my favorite hobbies is watching and collecting trivia on various works of Japanese animation.

Trixie The Anime Web Turnpike should be the first web site you go to if you want any information on any series or work of Japanese animation.
Ikkoku-kan However, most people have preferences, most likely because one can not know everything, let alone like everything, within their area of interest.
For myself, I do have a favorite series of Japanese animation: Maison Ikkoku. I may some day have my own page on Maison Ikkoku, but until then, UC Berkeley's home page on this series is an excellent source of information for anyone.

These links are nowhere close to a complete list of all my tastes in music. Of course, there are some out there who would say I have no taste in music whatsoever. To each his own, I say.

Wu-Tang Clan For fans of the Clan out there, the Wu-Tang Clan has their own web site.
If you don't like their "official" web site, try this unofficial web site. Very comprehensive compilation of info on the brothers Wu. You can even find out which member of the Wu-Tang Clan compares himself to Filipino food, and in which song.
Note: That last statement is NOT a joke.
NIN logo I haven't heard much from Trent Reznor since The Perfect Drug, and before that, not since...well, it's been a while. Anyway, check out his site. It's pretty cool, especially if you have Shockwave.
Sarah surfacing Admittedly, Nine Inch Nails and the Wu-Tang Clan are not for everyone.
On the other hand, Sarah McLachlan is definitely not in the same vein as Trent Reznor or Method Man. Her most recent release, Surfacing, is quite good. Not as good as her album from 1994, Fumbling Towards Ecstasy, but still very good.

I also enjoy watching these athletes, each one representing a different sport. I don't really have a favorite sport, though. Hence the widely different atheletes below.

David Robinson David Robinson is, in my opinion, one of the few true role models in the NBA today, as well as a talented center for the San Antonio Spurs...well, this past season doesn't count due to his back problems.
Trivia question: how many players in the NBA, including David Robinson, have a bachelor's degree from a accredited four-year college or university? I mean, with all these kids jumping from high school to the NBA, it makes me think...
Jerry Rice Yes, it is sad that students in logic classes at San Francisco State had to prove that Jerry's knee didn't exist.
However, even though the human record book is one-of-a-kind, the 49ers aren't out of the NFC West just yet...
Michael Chang Even though the Americans did not win at the U.S. Open, they are getting some sort of revenge at the Davis Cup. Especially Michael Chang, who was defeated horribly by Patrick Rafter at the U.S. Open.
It makes one wonder, though, why Michael almost always chokes at Grand Slam events, but rarely in any other ATP tournaments.Visit Michael's cyberspace, and e-mail him to ask him that question...
Tiger Woods Yes, I have my own page on Tiger Woods. Even though I generally dislike Nike. I just separate Tiger from his association with Nike. I mean, there are plenty of things to talk about when someone mentions his golf game.

I'm not the only person I know who has a home page out there. Try these four for starters.

Yoshi! Mochiyum's home page is......well, it's animated, that's for sure. Check it out...but only if you have a relatively fast connection (i.e., 28.8 at least).
Adamu-kan Adamu-kan is another home page out there which, like mine, is still a project. But if you're a Macintosh junkie, go to this site. Tons of useless opinionated information about the Macintosh.
Even if you are not a Mac user, go to this site anyway. Adam loves getting feedback on his opinions, which he takes all too seriously.
BOOOWWWF! Angelyn's home page is pretty cool. Lots of pictures of her clique. And she's always logged on to AOL. E-mail her when you get to her page; she'll respond within 5 minutes.
Shemp!?! The New World Acquired Shemp...'nuff said. Check it out.

Last, but not least, I have some useless information, that I would like to have on my web. Otherwise, my web page would be nothing but a switchboard. So, here are some things on my web page you might want to look at before you go:

Nothing... Here's an essay I wrote on the idea that the number zero, which most of us take for granted today, had its roots not in science, but in religion. Odd? Want to read it? Just want to see what kind of logic I used to arrive at this tentative conclusion? Go for it; I won't be offended.
This sucks. This is a cool page illustrating some of the assumed properties of those mysterious objects called black holes.
no image yet Coming soon: tutorials on HTML and JavaScript!
If there is any specific topic you would like me to cover in either of these tutorials, please e-mail me!