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Last, but not least, I have some useless (?) information, that I would like to have on my web pages. Otherwise, my web page would be nothing but a switchboard. So, here are some things on my web page you might want to look at before you go:

Nothing... Here's an essay I wrote on the idea that the number zero, which most of us take for granted today, had its roots not in science, but in religion. Odd? Want to read it? Just want to see what kind of logic I used to arrive at this tentative conclusion? Go for it; I won't be offended.
This sucks. This will soon be a link to a cool page illustrating some of the assumed properties of those mysterious objects called black holes.
no image yet Coming soon: tutorials on HTML and JavaScript!
If you have any ideas, or if there are any specific topics which you would like me to cover in either tutorial, please e-mail me!
My name... And for those of you who do not believe that Cynan is a real name (at least, that was the name on the birth certificate...), this web site explains the origin of my name. So there.